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Continuing digital endeavors

So I've discovered a new app. It's called procreate and if you have an ipad and you Iike to draw, you need to buy it. The brush selection is second to none. And in fact this drawing would have been a lot harder without such brushes. Half the time painting this I was just having fun with different brushes seeing what would turn out.

It's a paw(ty) in my mouth!

first digital painting

My sister asked me a few months ago if I could reproduce this painting for our sisters birthday. The original was done by the artist Helen Green and her exceptional work can be found here:

I agreed to do it and began brainstorming how I should proceed. I initially sketched it out on paper to get the bearings and general contour of the painting. However, realizing that I wanted to ultimately paint this and I'm not so good with actual paint I chose to take this into the digital world. Initially I though to do it a medium I'm more comfortable with, vector programs such as ideas, illustrator, Inkscape. But to produce a softer painting I chose photoshop. I still brought my preliminary sketches into a vector environment to vectorize the contour and then compared it to the original for perspective. After a few adjustments I rasterized the contours and brought them into photoshop on the iPad. With my stylus I brushed in v…

This one is taking me too long

I'd like to say that I've been drawing away and just haven't had time to post and though this is partially true, it's no excuse. This particular drawing has definitely inspired me to get back into it, or try to get back into it. It's not done but I thought I should post anyway.

Got around to doing another one today

This one surprised me at how quickly I was able to draw it. It took approximately 10 minutes to do this. Although its not nearly complete: the tones are minimal and the edges are pretty rough. But it looks pretty good.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an effing new drawing!

It's been a while and I'm not quite sure what number day it is but I've taken a posting break for over 6 weeks. It's time to get back into it and I was given this photo just recently and I thought it was really cool. So, I drew it. After doing the pencil work I brought it some colors and smudged out areas bringing the focal point towards the two siblings. I'm more than pleased to deaden the silence with this drawing.

Day 286

I've come to realize that I draw differently than most of the artists I see. It's when I post a work in progress such as this that I notice the difference. Albeit, most of my drawings are small, but I've notice even on my larger drawings that I am all over the place. The artists I follow typically sketch a preliminary outline and then fill in the drawing from left to right. I'm not saying one thing or another or even trying to compare myself to these artists; it's merely an observation.

Day 285

Practiced some lighting today. I used only one pencil for the entire drawing and  am surprised I was able to get it as dark as I did without scratching through the paper. Once I had the graphite down where I wanted it I smoothed it out and developed the soft gradients to wash out any hard lines where the light was more brilliant. Overall I think this turned out rather nice.

Day 283

While cooking a pizza tonight I sat down with a soda and drew the day's sketch. I used the tablet and stylus again for this as it was nearby and well, getting up to grab a pencil and paper was at the time a very taxing thought. Additionally I really like to practice digital art. Enjoy!

Day 281

Continuation from yesterday. I didn't really complete it the way I wanted but I'm happy with it. I just didn't have the precision tools to produce those hard lines that I initially wanted. 

Day 280

Just a work in progress…

Day 278

Here's a sketch I drew without any reference. I initially drew the figure as a nude and then added the clothing which made the dress take on a translucent appearance.

Day 274

If it wasn't for that right eye being offset just ever so slightly this would actually look like the real Kurt!

Day 273

This was a simpler wave to draw and did not challenge me as much as yesterday's. I was able to merge the tones well enough to form the drawing. I was hoping to gain more detail but when I brought in the darker tones I abandoned that endeavor. In the end I just wanted it to look uniform and I think I accomplished that.

Day 272

This wave was pretty tricky and I saw my artistic skills get sucked under. I'll rephrase that without trying to be witty: the limitations of my artistic ability were made clear to me. I think I may have tackled something that I wasn't ready for. And for that it's a great day here at the 24 Hour Sketch! I love when I can't even figure out how to simplify the drawing through some technique. For lack of education I don't know exactly what the techniques are called that I use but I might have tried them all. I even rolled up my very own tortillon thinking that might solve some of the issues I was having. I tried stippling at one point! (No pun intended) and with that bear with me! I'm gonna be witty again. As with all waves, proceeding one and preceded by another, there will be more to come. Waves that is. Seriously, I picked two pictures out the other day. I literally have another one right up my sleeve that I'm pretty sure I can't draw. Hold the laughter …

Day 270.1

Now this is a first, not the subject matter, but the double post! I was liking this when I started but didn't quite plan it out correctly. The perspective seems to be a bit off. 

Day 270

What an accomplishment this blog would be if I had actually drawn for 270 consecutive days! I just want to take this moment for myself and feel proud in that thought. WOW! What an accomplishment!… it would have been. Let the consoling begin!Anyway, this, I believe, is the first post to make it to the 24 hour sketch, and if not the first then one of the very few, to show just how small most of these drawings are. The lower right corner is stapled. So scale it in your mind accordingly.
Now would as good a time as any to express my dislike of this drawing. I do not like it. There, that's all. 

Day 268

Here's another negative drawing. Nothing truly spectacular. I wanted it to be grander than what it is but just got impatient and rushed the sketch.

Day 265

Once again it's been too long since I posted a drawing. This one was going to be part of my fabric study series back in January. So, it's been sitting in my phone since then and I decided to draw it today, actually I started it yesterday. If I could go back and work out one thing in this drawing it would be the hand.

Update: apparently I did draw this, check out Day 160. It's kind of cool comparing the two. The first was more focused on the dress.

Day 257

I saw this picture and just had to draw it. That's all, oh and blogger mobile finally added bold italics! yay

Day 256

Unfinished piece that I'm neither happy with nor unhappy with. Above all the unfinished aspects of this drawing it's the tones and blending that had I spent more time on would have produced something I'd like. So here it is.

Day 253

I'm thinking if this were drawn at a bigger scale I could have pulled in more detail. When I say detail I mean the gradient of tones as dice don't really have much detail in the first place. The die in the background is meant to be slightly blurred and again if it were bigger that endeavor may have been better accomplished.

Day 252

So this one is pretty obvious where I got my reference from (even though the two look nothing like the actors). But then again who the eff knows exactly what Romeo and Juliet looked like in the first place? To save face, I wasn't trying to make this photorealistic. I like the soft strokes and hard lines that I was able to extract and the stippling of "detail" turned out not so bad. The real focus I wanted to make clear are the hands.

Day 250

I've been wanting to get this one drawn for a while. I dig the expression and attitude the subject is displaying and I believe I captured it well. This drawing is small, about 2.5" in height and done with a single pencil. I would have liked to add more dark tones in there but to save warping the paper I had to settle for a lighter grey. Either way, I'm pleased with it.

Day 246

Grabbed the pencils and vowed to myself that I would draw something that had variance of values. This is what I got:

Day 243

I've been asked to draw an image to be later gifted and I've yet to actually sit down and work it out. However, I thought I'd get my bearings for the image and doodles out this today.

Day 235

Broke out the pencils for this. I was surprised at how fast I scribbled this out, about 30 minutes. There were some values that I left out that would have provided for a lot more detail but that would have also provided for a longer draw time. One mistake that I've made while doing this 24 hour sketch is drawing all day. I did a lot of that during December and it kind of burned me out.

Day 233

Here tonight's drawing. I'm liking this.

Day 232

Just another poor sap fallen victim to my random google searches. He looks pretty worn down which is why I chose him. Good facial expression.

Day 231

I don't make a lot of statements. But I felt maybe I should draw about the walk on Congress for citizenship. This country was built on immigration. Let em have it. They can figure out how it's not so great once they're stuck here.

Day 228

Just a tree drawn with a stylus and adobe ideas. I've been holding on to this drawing for weeks now. Not sure why I haven't uploaded it, but here it is at last!

Day 227

Lets have some fun. I would say it's because I couldn't think of anything to put in her thought bubble other than eegads! But that's not true, I also thoughts of (sighs). Yeah, I guess I'm short on ideas. So I'm asking you 24 hour sketchians to insert your own dialog. Keep it clean, or not.

Day 226

This was an over achievement, but that's not a bad thing. Again, this is a negative drawn image. The smoke is a bit much. It needs to be more subtle / simple. I like the facial features. They aren't perfect but it works. I am definitely excited about drawing this way. And I thought drawing white on black was hard. After drawing this, which took about half an hour, my brain hurts. I love it!

Day 225

Another negative image. I'm diggin' how this turned out. It started out a regular google image search day and when I saw this is reminded me of the drawing I did before of the woman jumping with the chalk. I wouldn't be surprised if this is from the same photo shoot. I decided that the image had too much black in it and instead of doing a white charcoal on black paper I instead drew the white in the photo with pencil. After I was done with that I ran it through a negative filter and ran up the contrast.

Day 224

I'm tellin' ya, I may have been silent for the past few weeks but as I said before I've been drawing here and there. This one I drew I think about 2 weeks ago but forgot to post. So here you go: it's a grotesque rendition of my wife and me. I sketched this out in about 30 minutes while I was waiting for the best software in the world, Revit, to run a query on some linked model's family and purging some 800 unused families.
I like how the filters made this look, nothing taken away from the true value of the original drawing.

Day 223

I'm gonna have to get back into the swing of doing this blog. Here's another negative image without the original. It's sort of an homage to one of my favorite bands right now, The Joy Formidable. They have a contest going for artists to draw a design for the front of the lead singers dress. I tossed a few ideas around but seeing as this one is a rendition of their album cover I'm pretty sure it's not eligible. Still though I think it turned out pretty cool. I used the rose that I posted last time within this design.

Day 210

So by now all of you should realize that the number of days mean nothing. I took a solid two weeks off but everyday I thought about it and I did draw a little bit. As it is now, I have no intention anymore of doing this religiously unless I feel like it. It was the initial goal to do as many consecutive days as possible but now this is just my art blog. If I do another 130 days in a row then so be it.

Today I'm posting two drawings. The first one is a quick sketch of a rose but I only drew the white parts where the light was hitting it. I did this to intentionally produce the negative image.

Day 195

I took a break from the digital world today, artistically that is, but I didn't get a chance to finish. These are my keys, copy them as you please.

Day 192

My niece kept saying, "you aren't finished yet? It looks great already!" I think she just wanted to draw with the stylus.

Day 189

It's a tree!

Day 188

A little bit of hand drawing topped with digital nasty! I've decided to bring my own coffee mug to work. However conscientious I think I am I can't help but think this is what the owner of the coffee mug believes their dear ceramic is subjected to. Hell if my mug went missing I'm sure my thoughts would wander into the demented trenches of the psyche.

On a another note, I'm certain that drawing still life is the way to go for me. I can get it done quickly and practically anywhere. This funk may be over! In the words of a dear friend with the inflections of a pubescent boy, "Yay, for sure!"

Day 186

Another stylus drawing using Adobe's IOS Ideas app. It's a still life of my cigarette pack. I chose to not put any typography as I'm not that good with the program yet, but I'm getting better. One thing I love about digital art is the undo and layer features.

Day 182

Today is a still life of some glasses that sometimes have votive candles in them. No candles today. I drew this in Adobe Ideas again. I'm posting two drawings: the color one is the original and the b/w one I thought just turned out really cool and lucky for you I feel like sharing.

On another note: I have got to get back into the swing of it! I've been missing way too many days!

Day 180

I haven't given up but I may switch it up from doing landscapes.

This one I did outside!!!!! That was supposed to be the whole point of this month and I haven't had any time to do it. Not sure what I'm gonna concentrate on tomorrow but landscapes will be coming back; stay patient and keep coming back.

Day 175

Damn! It's been too long since I picked up a pencil. I gave myself 20 minutes to draw this. I'm not sure why. I guess because it's late and I want to sleep.

Day 174

Just another simple stylus sketch using a variance of greens and opacity. This is completely my own creation; no reference was used.

Day 173

It's not much today, as it has been this whole weekend. A lot has been going on and I haven't had a lot of time. I drew this on my iPhone using Adobe Ideas Friday night while smoking a cigarette outside looking at a specie of banana plant that had been cut back for the winter and is starting to grow back. I added the red flower buds on Saturday when it was clear that what I drew didn't look like the plant and I thought I would make it something of my own and unique. Sunday brought the hatched background. I was not going to post this but it's all I have after the last three days.

Day 170

Instead of drawing a landscape I zoomed in, found a blade of grass with some dew on it. I still don't think I've perfected the art of the blur but I'm getting better. The blade is less detailed than I originally planned for and the water droplets are more 2 dimensional. For a sketch it's good. I won't be posting this drawing anywhere else though. We'll see; I always end up liking my drawings more after I forget about drawing them.