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Showing posts from March, 2013

Day 210

So by now all of you should realize that the number of days mean nothing. I took a solid two weeks off but everyday I thought about it and I did draw a little bit. As it is now, I have no intention anymore of doing this religiously unless I feel like it. It was the initial goal to do as many consecutive days as possible but now this is just my art blog. If I do another 130 days in a row then so be it.

Today I'm posting two drawings. The first one is a quick sketch of a rose but I only drew the white parts where the light was hitting it. I did this to intentionally produce the negative image.

Day 195

I took a break from the digital world today, artistically that is, but I didn't get a chance to finish. These are my keys, copy them as you please.

Day 192

My niece kept saying, "you aren't finished yet? It looks great already!" I think she just wanted to draw with the stylus.