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first digital painting

My sister asked me a few months ago if I could reproduce this painting for our sisters birthday. The original was done by the artist Helen Green and her exceptional work can be found here:

I agreed to do it and began brainstorming how I should proceed. I initially sketched it out on paper to get the bearings and general contour of the painting. However, realizing that I wanted to ultimately paint this and I'm not so good with actual paint I chose to take this into the digital world. Initially I though to do it a medium I'm more comfortable with, vector programs such as ideas, illustrator, Inkscape. But to produce a softer painting I chose photoshop. I still brought my preliminary sketches into a vector environment to vectorize the contour and then compared it to the original for perspective. After a few adjustments I rasterized the contours and brought them into photoshop on the iPad. With my stylus I brushed in very translucent colors, layering them until I achieved the right tints and shades I found to be suitable. The original painting has very subdued colors; very washed out and a bit yellowish. So my intention was to saturate the colors and make them as brilliant as possible. Here's what I ended up with: